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Pooja Arora (Punjab)

I love wearing Western outfits. But due to long shooting hours, improper schedule and diet, it becomes difficult to maintain yourself. But Sweat Slim Belt came as my messiah (savior).

Nishant Sharma (Rajasthan)

After using this belt, I actually got a slim tummy within few seconds. You won’t believe I actually reduced my waistline up to 5 inches. Thanks to Sweat Slim Belt

Leena Singh (Dehradhun)

After pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight. It gave me a perfect slim look without any efforts. I easily can do my daily house hold chores wearing it.

Why Sweat Slim Belt?

Our Technology

Increases Core temperature. Helping your body sweat & thereby burns excess body fat.While wearing them during daily activities.


It is washable, but only hand wash. Machine wash can damage the fabric.Do not Tumble Dry.

Easy Wear

You can easily wear it during your daily activities, while excercising and relax yourself.

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Frequently asked Questions

After wearing the belt, it increases the core temperature of your body, causing you to sweat a lot. Lots of fat cells are reduced due to sweating.
1. What is Water Weight?
(Ans) Water weight is actually the extra weight hanging around in the tissue between your cells. It is retained in the body due to excess carbs intake, but isn’t actually fats. That doesn’t mean you stop drinking water. Water is very much essential for maintaining bodily functions and fluids. Just follow proper diet and workout regime, rest your body will take care of.
2. Will the sweat leak and affect my clothes?
(Ans) No, Evapolislim (Neoprene) fabric seals in body heat, it doesn’t let it leak. It keeps you dry from outside, that means it will no way affect your clothes.
3. Does it smell after using?
(Ans) Just let it dry for some time just like your regular clothes, it won’t smell.
4. Can one feel it working?
(Ans) Yes, once you put on the belt, you will notice a warming sensation in the belly area. Temperature increase is very mild, one can hardly feel it. As it is mild, it gives you a soothing experience.
5. What happens if I lose inches and my own belt won’t fit?
(Ans) Need not worry, we are giving you an extra belt of a smaller size (XL) which is free of cost which you can use once you lose few inches. And if at all you gain weight in near future you can again use the larger size (XXL) belt. That means you can use it for a long time.
6. What happens when the thread loosens? Is it stich able?
(Ans) Yes, it is stich able.
7. What is the difference between your belt and others?
(Ans) No other belt gives you a slim fit look in 10 seconds. Some belts give you only flat tummy, some only provide you back support. Sweat Slim Belt gives you both the benefits. It is made from Neoprene fabric with evapolislim property which makes you sweat but doesn’t let you feel it. It keeps you dry, fresh and active throughout the day.
1. Dose wearing it all day has any side effects?
(Ans) Not at all. It has no side effects. The more you use the belt, better will be the result. (Unless you have a prevailing medical condition like allergies or infections)
2. Will it form any stretch marks or irritation?
(Ans) Not unless you have a prevailing medical condition like allergies or infections

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